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10 Facts About Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

10 Facts About Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

New siding on your home is a great home improvement project. However, with so many options that are available today choosing the perfect siding for your home can become a bit daunting. One of the most popular siding choices in Southgate Michigan is vinyl siding. In this post we’ve included some facts that can help you determine if vinyl siding is right for your home and some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

10 Facts About Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

A common misconception when it comes to siding is that when it is replaced you’ll need to replace it with the same siding. But actually, vinyl siding can be installed on almost any type of exterior your home currently has. Whether you currently have wooden lap siding or even masonite siding you can still have a popular siding choice such as vinyl siding installed. It’s best to talk with a licensed contractor about changing the siding on your home and get estimates and more details about things that may need to be changed.

Vinyl Siding Southgate MI

If you’re considering vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan for your home, here are 10 facts that you should know:

Vinyl Siding is an Affordable Option

As one of the most affordable options when it comes to exterior siding options vinyl siding is a huge plus. Although vinyl siding is affordable, there are different grades of siding available that are different prices.

Most Vinyl Siding Can Be Recycled

Concerned about the environment? Much of the vinyl siding that is manufactured today is made using at least partially recycled materials. Your home’s siding may also be recyclable as well. There are several different manufacturers for vinyl siding and you’ll need to determine if the siding they manufacture is able to be recycled.

Most Vinyl Siding Doesn’t Require Pressure Washing

Many home owners believe that the vinyl siding on their homes need to be pressure washed using high pressure power washing equipment. However, properly taking care of your vinyl siding should not go to this extreme. In fact, most vinyl siding can be cleaned with a garden hose and mild detergents.

Vinyl Siding Is Not Affected by Insects

Wood siding is famous for attracting insects and can be completely ruined by insects. However, vinyl siding is completely protected against insects and you also won’t have any damage from rotting as well. Vinyl siding is very durable and stands up well against most of the problems that plague other siding choices.

Vinyl Siding Has a Coating to Protect Against UV Rays

Sides of the home that face east or west without much shade can sometimes fade due to the UV rays of the sun. This affects almost all types of siding even if it is painted. However, for vinyl siding there is typically a coating on higher grade siding that protects against this UV light. This can keep your siding looking great and not fading for many years.

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The Color of Vinyl Siding is Throughout the Siding

As paint gets older it will start to crack and peel. For vinyl siding you don’t need to worry about this because the color of the siding is throughout the siding. Even a scratch on the siding won’t show up well as the color will remain the same.

Contrary to Popular Belief Vinyl Siding Can Hold Up Well Against Winds

We’ve all seen the images after a storm where vinyl siding is ripped from a home. This may be because of improper installation of the vinyl siding however since most siding choices today when properly installed by professionals can withstands winds over 100 mph.

Vinyl Siding Can Be Energy Efficient

Want to cut down on your energy bills? Consider vinyl siding with insulation backing. Insulated vinyl siding can add more energy efficiency to your home and the price of installation is not much more.

There are Many Different Styles and Colors Available

Want a unique look and feel for your home? Vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles and designs. From vertical siding to shakes designed to look like painted cedar, getting the perfect look for your home can be achieved. In fact, many people think there are too many choices and find it difficult to decide.

Vinyl Siding is Very Popular

For years, vinyl siding has been the most popular option for home owners. It’s durable and affordable making it the perfect choice for many homeowners. Couple that with the fact the it looks great and you can easily see why it is so popular.

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Call the siding professionals today at All Point Construction ( 734-407-7110 ) to get a free quote on your siding project in Southgate Michigan. They can also help you determine what grade and insulation may be right for your home.

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