Do you hear that? Is there a strange noise coming from the back of the house where the water heater is located? Have you begun to notice leaks or a bit of puddling around the water heater? Those noises and puddles are a sign that you may have a problem with the water heater. If you are a tenant in a rented home, it’s time to make a call to the landlord for a repair to be scheduled.

If you are a homeowner, now is the time to act.

Do not wait until you are out of hot water or have had a big spill in the house and now have to problems to fix. The water heater and the floor! The best place to start when you buy a home and begin to settle in, is to learn the brand of your water heater, the warranty and maintenance plans available to the water heater unit and most importantly, start a working relationship now, with a reputable water heater repair company before you need emergency repair.

The key reasons for this relationship building for your home and appliances with a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company is so you will have a trusted relationship with the business and it’s service technicians as well as have a running log of your water heater make, model, warranty and service records. When you have regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your water heater, you will know ahead of time if something is on schedule for normal wear and tear replacements, like the drain valve. It usually is the first to go and need service as well as replacement after years of use.

So when would now be a good time to start working with Downriver Plumbers?

If you just moved into a new home, or new to you home, or a new rental property, it’s a good thing to have the water heater serviced and checked.

If you are noticing noise, rusty water or any leaks, you definitely need to contact a plumber! Before you go and try and save money and do a self installation of a water heater and you are not a trained, licensed and insured plumber, please consider first that inexperience and self installation can lead to electric shock, invisible gas poison and building code violations that when you want to sell the home, you could be liable for the fine of the violation and then have to do the same repair, twice.

Don’t wait, get started now by contacting Downriver Plumbers at (734) 548-9925 or visit them on the web with this link:

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