Everyone in the severe Michigan winter season needs a safe, warm and comfortable place to live, sleep and do life. In the Downriver Michigan area, have you noticed that the thermostat is not quite turning on and off like it used to. Or are you experiencing in your home that the heat coming from your furnace isn’t quite as hot as it used to be?

A home heating unit can have normal wear and tear happen to it and you won’t notice the need for repair or replacement until you and your family are not experiencing the warmth you are used to.

Use this list to simply assess if you need to call a professional to have repair and maybe replacement work done on your heating unit.


  1. The thermostat no longer turns itself on or off at desired temperature setting.
  2. The heating element is no longer heating the air and it blows cool
  3. Loud noises such as hissing or clinking, banging and whistling
  4. The power bill goes way up – you are seeing an abnormal amount of cost vs amount of home heat and enjoyment
  5. The carbon monoxide detector is registering high levels of dangerous gas

If you do not have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, this is the first reason to contact a professional heating and cooling company to install one in your home.  This simple addition to your home can lower home insurance rates and provide a greater level of protection over your family.

Did you count one or more of those top 5 reasons as symptoms in your home’s comfort this winter season?

If yes, and you are looking for a licensed, bonded, insured heating and cooling company in the Downriver Michigan area, look no further! Superior Comfort employs fully trained technicians with years of on the job experience.  All technicians maintain continued education and current state of heating and cooling technology. The Superior Comfort company owns and uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for the latest and best possible solution to home heating and cooling problems.

Now if you are in an emergency and need immediate help, you can trust that Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling can provide you as a customer with a 24/7 service. When you work with Superior Comfort, you get superior service with a comfortable price.


Call today (734) 818 – 7141 or visit them on the web using the link below:




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