Downriver Michigan, when would now be a good time to have your chimney inspected, and repaired? Have you had your chimney checked for cracks or missing chunks caused by normal wear and tear or severe weather?

The chimney is a vital part to the roof and home. An underlying problem with a chimney can be hidden from sight on the ground. A chimney repair and inspection needs to be done from the roof top and should be left to the professionals.

Your chimney can be repaired if a crack is caught early enough. If the damage is extensive replacing the chimney may be the next step and more costly than routine maintenance and inspection. A chimney replacement cost can easily be around the $1000.00 range. So when would now be a good time to have a chimney inspection?

Regular flue cleaning is important and necessary though chimney repair expands into maintaining, resealing and caring for the bricks.

Consider adding a chimney cap to help preserve the life of the chimney structure. This preventative measure can extend the life of your chimney while saving money too!

In Downriver Michigan, get started now with Downriver Roofers. Set up an inspection that is free to you and comes with a written estimate of any repair or maintenance that may be needed as the licensed, bonded, insured experts at Downriver Roofers are a full service roofing company.

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