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24/7 Same-Day Commercial/Residential Snow Plowing Services | Downriver Michigan

Have you been seeing reports of heavy snowfall in the weather forecast for Downriver Michigan? Does it remind you of the great blizzard of 1978?

If you lived in Michigan in 1978 you surely remember this snow storm!  It was the largest blizzard in Michigan history. If you are new to Michigan or weren’t alive in 1978, you can compare all snow storms to that blizzard as a measure of how much snow can fall in Michigan!

Now is the best time to prepare for snow plowing services versus risking an injury or your life with shoveling heavy snow fall yourself. Another reason to consider a professional snow plowing service like Cutting Edge is to have all driveways and walkways free and clear of snow in case of a medical emergency.

In Downriver Michigan there is going to be some heavy winter snow and you  can be prepared ahead of time by being in contact with Cutting Edge.

Top 5 Tips for Heavy Snow Preparation

1. Have extra batteries on hand, cell phones and devices charged, candles, flashlights ready in case of a power outage

2. Extra blankets and extra winter clothing like hats and mittens, wool socks easily accessible – remember your pets may need an extra blanket too

3. Ready to eat food, snacks and water available for family and pets

4. Have an ice scraper and shovel nearby – one in the car and house in case you need to clear driveways or windows for safe passage

5. Salt – be prepared with salt for your walkways and driveways to help keep clear AND have Cutting Edge phone number!

Cutting Edge are Downriver Michigan locals and familiar with the neighborhoods, streets and best paths for plowing a clear and safe passage. Businesses, private roads, driveways, parking lots and more are all serviceable from Cutting Edge with snow plowing and snow removal services.

Never have to worry about the snow again with our professional, dependable, and affordable snow plowing services. We have been in business since 1979 and our team is ready to serve you. Our goal is to provide unbeatable customer service, top of the line equipment, comprehensive care and attention to detail, as well as competitive pricing.

If you’re about to be stranded in the snow for hours, don’t panic! Cutting Edge is a full-service company providing 24/7 snow plowing services – with just one call you can expect prompt, professional service to get you clear of snow and on your merry way!

 Snow-removal services not only can keep your family or business safe when there’s a storm – but it can also save your bottom-line from the potentially staggering costs that come from unexpected delays or closures. Contact us today for a free quote and upfront pricing!

Get started now by contacting Cutting Edge by calling (734) 787-7157 or visit on the web: https://micuttingedge.com/service/snow-removal/

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