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5 Common Problems That Can Happen To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

5 Common Problems That Can Happen To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

It can be pretty stressful for a homeowner to discover their homes roof has a problem, especially if they’re unsure on what the problem was caused by. Some roof problems aren’t the ones you can just see from your attic or your yard, so you could find yourself with unseen problems that become worse before you even find them. This is why regular inspections by professional roofers in Ann Arbor Michigan are key to finding these issues before they end up finding you, but not every homeowner knows what exactly to look for when it comes to problems that are coming from the roof of their home.

5 Common Problems That Can Happen To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

It can be a hassle keeping up with inspections and proper roof maintenance, but nevertheless it will help your homes roof remain in great condition to keep protecting your home from dangerous elements in the world. Ensuring you’re only hiring quality professional roofing contractors to inspect and work on your homes roof is key to keeping the roof problems away, if you opt for a cheaper roofing contractor, they may lack the experience needed and end up causing more problems than what problems you had. To keep you knowledgeable on roofing problems, here’s a list of 5 common problems that can happen to your roof.

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Keep An Eye Out For Roof Leaks

If you’ve ever experienced a roof leak from your homes roof, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Especially if it becomes worse without any notice. It’s always highly recommended that roof leaks are fixed immediately so that no further damage can happen, this even includes small dripping roof leaks, even though it may look like just a few drops of water and nothing a bucket can’t fix, that’s not the case typically. The water starts to soak into the wood underneath your roof and begin to water damage it, which could start rotting.

Flashings Are Damaged

Flashings are metal sheets that connect around the HVAC systems on your roof, they’re sealed down to not allow water to seep itself in your homes roof, however with time and weather, the sealant could start deteriorating or break around the flashings. A simple recaulk is a good fix however if the flashings themselves are broken, it could be a little bit more work.

Gutter System Is Failing

When it comes to your gutter systems, if they’re failing, expect your roof to fail too. Since your gutter system helps keep water flowing away from your home, it can cause a few problems to not only your homes roof, but also to other aspects of your home. We recommend cleaning gutter systems twice a year, however, if you live in an area where there are more trees and leaves, you may find yourself with clogged up gutters that need cleaning more regularly.

DIY Is A Bad Idea

We love saving money, I mean who doesn’t? But with something as big as your roof that protects your home and everything you own, it should be common practice that you pay for the best service and not try to cheap out on it. DIY roofing can cause lots of problems, you could easily injure yourself, spend more time on a repair than a professional, and you could do an improper job that results in problems coming back.

Improper Installation Could Cause Problems

Improper installation and repairs could cause a lot of problems if you end up hiring a contractor who doesn’t have the experience needed to properly work on your homes roof. This can be frustrating afterwards, that’s why we always encourage you to hire a professional roofing company to do your roofing needs for you.

Roofing problems can occur at any moment in time, and it can certainly be a new problem that some homeowners haven’t experienced. If your roof has any types of problems, it’s always best to schedule a professional inspection to ensure your roof is in good condition, if it’s not, you could find yourself with worsening problems and a huge headache for not taking action sooner than later. If you notice problems from this list that apply to your homes roof, then taking action will help prevent further damage that can happen and trust us, it will happen.

If your roof is showing signs of problems be sure to call the experts at Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271. They offer full roofing services including roof inspections. Plus, you can get a free quote on any repairs or replacement that is needed.

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