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5 Critical Tips On How To Prepare For a New Roof Installation in Dearborn Michigan

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So you’ve made the decision to get a new roof for your home now it’s time to prepare your home for the work. Most roofing contractors in Dearborn Michigan will help you with some of these tips but you’ll want to keep an eye out for them as well. When you get a new roof installed on your home it can seem like a bit of chaos but if you’re properly prepared your roof will be completed quickly and you can get back to life as normal.

5 Critical Tips On How To Prepare For a New Roof Installation in Dearborn Michigan

Most roofing systems will last 15 years or more so in the overall scheme of things you won’t get many roof replacements in your lifespan. So many times homeowners don’t really know what to expect or what they should do in order to properly prepare for a roof installation. The following tips can help you better prepare your home for the roof installation and can help it go off without a hitch. Being prepared beforehand can help considerably with the overall time needed for the project and it can ensure other parts of your home will be safe while the project is going on. Since installing a new roof will create a construction zone around your home it’s best to ensure everyone’s safety as well during the roof install.

5 Critical Tips On How To Prepare For a New Roof Installation in Dearborn Michigan

Make Sure The Roofers Have Access

Most roofing contractors won’t need to get inside the home but they do need access to your yard. If your home has a fence around it be sure to leave some sort of access to the roof. If you live in a gated community the roofing contractor will also need to be able to access your home. Typically when installing a new roof there will be a trailer that is backed to the edge of the roof where the old roofing material is collected and then disposed of. Make sure the roofers have access to do this or else you might incur additional costs for the roof project.

Are There Items in the Attic or Around the Home?

In some instances the roofer will need to access the attic of the home. This is not common but it’s important to have the ability to do so if needed. Usually, the only reason why a roofer would need access if you have a special component that needs to be repaired such as a skylight or attic fan. In any case, the roofer will likely inform you of this requirement before the project begins. If they do need access to the attic someone will need to be home and give that access.

Check With Your HOA for Best Times for Installation

All homeowners associations are different when it comes to times home construction can take place. Be sure to look at your HOA agreement to see when the best time for construction is. Some roofers will want to start early but the HOA may not allow it. Check for the best times and coordinate with the roofer about this timeframe for best results.

Make Arrangements for Your Pet

Don’t forget about your pet. As I mentioned above, when a roofing project is going on the home will become a construction zone with nails and shingles sometimes flying off the roof. While most roofing contractors in Dearborn Michigan will be careful it is still a dangerous environment. Make sure pets are not in the way of the construction and if they are fenced in where the project is happening they may need to be removed to another area.

Keep Children Away

Children are naturally curious and when a large project is going on around your home they will certainly want to watch. However, roofing installation is dangerous and certainly no place for children. Take care to ensure your children are safe and not allowed into the area where the roof installation is taking place.

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