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5 Tips for Maintaining your Home and Roof in Canton Michigan

Keeping your home in great shape is an ongoing battle. There are always maintenance requirements for many of your home components. One of the most important home components that you should not ignore is the roofing on your home. Regular maintenance on your roofing in Canton Michigan can ensure it lasts a long time and continues to protect your home for years to come.

5 Tips for Maintaining your Home and Roof in Canton Michigan

Studies have been conducted that says you will spend twenty-six years of your life sleeping. With this in mind, it is safe to assume you will spend more time than that inside your home. Maintaining your home is of upmost importance to ensure that your precious time spent around your loved ones is a stress-free environment. Here are five tips to ensure your time is stress free.

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Make sure your ventilation is in check

Over time, humidity and moisture can build up in your home which can affect important aspects of your home’s integrity and security. Moisture and humidity buildup can also be a factor that can affect your family’s health and wellbeing. Not only if this a danger to your health and the ones around you, but it can wreak havoc on your home’s structural aspects that are important to keep sound. One of these aspects is your roof, which helps keep the elements out. When your roof is attacked due to poor ventilation inside your home, you might have to undergo expensive roof maintenance.

Checking on your home’s alert infrastructure

Alert systems are your first line of defense when it comes to detecting ominous things that could be inside your home, like smoke and carbon monoxide. Placing these in a well thought out location inside your home and planning out a strategy to tackle any situation that may possibly arise are key fundamentals to ensure your home is secure for your family. Protecting your family against dangerous threats like fires and carbon monoxide are very important. In 2015, over nineteen billion dollars’ worth of damage was inflicted upon homeowners due to fire damage. Some security systems can minimize the amount of damage caused by fire by alerting local fire departments as quickly as possible, resulting in less damage to the home overall by fire.

Keeping the pests out

In 2015, 56% of all homeowners located in the United States reported pest infestations and problems with pests. Pests can come to your home and wreak havoc on unsuspecting homeowners which is why it’s important to make sure you have the safety nets in place to catch any possible early signs of pests whenever possible. Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Ants and many more are just a few of the pests who seek shelter within your home. Keeping the interior of your home clean with the use of tools made to keep pests out are vital to take care of any pest problems before they get out of hand. Over the course of 2015, United States homeowners paid five billion dollars in property damage repairs caused by pests, deeming this to be a very expensive problem to have.

Home Maintenance

A home that is poorly maintained can create a whole slew of small problems into a huge problem. Neglecting the maintenance on your roof and home often times will have a snowball effect where a few little problems will eventually turn in to bigger problems, which in turn into even bigger problem over the course of a very short time. Common things that need maintenance would be filters for your air and water, the washer and dryer units, and numerous other things. It’s also important to check your roof shingles to upkeep a proper roof maintenance schedule. Maintaining all of this is important to make sure your home is operating at full efficiency.

The cleanliness of your home

Spring cleaning and general care for your home is a vital routine to ensure your home is well kept. The act of cleaning your home will not only get rid of pests like termites and bugs but will also assist in spotting any issues that could be hidden by particles, mud, dirt, and other things. Not only will cleaning your home prevent small problems, but it will also boost the happiness and moral within your family and household. A home that is clean will create positive energy for your family and keep the spirits high.


In conclusion, maintaining a robust and happy home are vital in protecting and growing your personal asset. A home can be seen as an investment, not only for your wealth, but also for the security of your family. Keeping checks on all of these will ensure that your home will be in the best condition it possibly can be. To get a roof inspection on your home be sure to call Twelve Oaks Roofing at 248-525-6950. They can inspect your roof and repair any problems or address any issues that may be present.

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