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6 Things That Mean You Need New Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan

6 Things That Mean You Need New Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan

Ann important component of the exterior of your home is the siding on your home. The siding is not only designed to make your home look better it is also designed to protect your home against the elements that it will face each day. As the siding gets older it can start to have problems however which means the siding will need to be replaced. Getting new siding in Ann Arbor Michigan installed on your home is a great investment that can pay off tremendously later. You can improve the curb appeal and your home’s value with new siding. If you’re considering new siding for your home here are some signs that may mean you need to get your home’s siding replaced.

6 Things That Mean You Need New Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are many different types of siding that is available today. The most popular siding used in Michigan is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is economical and looks great when installed. Vinyl siding can also be repaired easily so if there is a problem later such as a wayward ball or BBQ grill too close, you can have sections of the siding repaired. Sometimes however the problem can be widespread and the entire home’s siding will need to be replaced. Here are some signs you may need to hire a siding contractor for your home’s siding project.

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1 – Siding that is Cracked or Warped

The siding on your home should be able to keep water away from the home. When the siding is damaged in some way and water gets behind the siding it can lead to damage to your home. Many times this damage can start as a crack in the siding. The siding may also be warped which can allow water behind the siding. During winter these cracks can be more prominent and spread. If you notice cracks in your home’s siding or there are pieces that are warped then you may need to get new siding installed on your home.

2 – Mold Growing on the Siding

One sign of a problem on your home’s siding is mold growing on the siding. Sometimes water can get behind the siding and cause damages such as mold growth. However, for some types of siding the mold can appear on the outside of the siding. If you notice widespread mold on the siding on your home be sure to get it inspected to determine the cause of the mold.

3 – Paint Peeling or Excessive Painting Needed

While painting vinyl siding is not common, it is very common on other types of siding such as wooden siding. If the siding needs to be painted frequently it may need to be replaced. You can also replace the wooden siding on your home with vinyl siding and you won’t need to worry about painting the siding like you do with wooden siding.

4 – High Energy Costs

There are siding choices that are available today which have insulating backing on the siding. Installed with traditional insulation you can make your home more energy efficient. Sometimes the siding on your home can lead to higher energy costs which means that new siding can save you on energy costs over time.

5 – Fading Siding

Today, there are a lot of siding choices which have a coating that is designed to keep the siding from fading. Over time UV rays can affect siding and this usually means that the color of the siding will start to fade. This usually occurs on older siding which likely means that the siding needs to be replaced anyway. If you have a problem with fading siding you may want to consider replacing the siding on your home.

6 – The Siding is Buckling

One problem that can result from improper installation of the siding is buckling of the siding. Even if you have new siding this problem can occur especially if the siding was installed when the weather was colder. As temperatures rise the siding will expand and sometimes if it not attached properly it can buckle.

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