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A Guide to Outdoor Sectional Sofas

A Guide to Outdoor Sectional Sofas

Sofas are a great addition to an outdoor living space due their versatility and flexibility. They can be used in many ways to fit the specific needs of a buyer. And, due to the growing trend of blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors, sectional sofas can be a great extension of the home to entertain friends and family without the confinements of being inside.


Key Benefits of Sofas

  • Very flexible and versatile coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials
  • Can be purchased as separate pieces which provides a variety of different entertaining options
  • Easy to re-arrange to suit the many practical needs of homeowners

Pre-purchase Considerations for Sofas

Before committing to a purchase, one should consider the practical needs of their outdoor space. Although sofas are quite versatile, it’s important to consider how it will be used and how much space there actually is. This will reduce the number of options out there (which there are plenty of) and therefore buyers won’t feel so overwhelmed.

The Area

It is important to know how much actual space you have to play with by measuring the dimensions of the outdoor living area. Knowing this will help refine a buyer’s choices, meaning a less stressful purchase. Other factors such as the homes existing architecture, colour scheme and overall theme will also help by guiding the decision making process and allowing the buyer to purchase the right sectional sofa that will integrate with their home.

The Type & Material

There are many types of sectional sofas out there made in a variety of materials that will not only suit almost any outdoor space, but will also withstand the elements. The popularity in rounded and curved sectionals is on the rise as they are meeting the many needs of buyers. Smaller areas tend to attract round sofa designs as they allow more people to sit around it opposed to a traditional L shaped sofa. However, buyers with a little more space can afford to purchase a larger L shape. This is where knowing the dimensions of an area come in particularly important.

Materials are very important with any outdoor furniture, especially with sofas. The trend of mixed material designs is becoming very popular as it allows easier integration with existing home designs. And with recent technological advancements, buyers are assured these will stand the test of time too. Popular mixed material designs include;

  • Wicker / Teak
  • Teak / Aluminium
  • Wrought Iron / Wicker

Each of these materials mentioned are designed to not only look great and integrate into most home styles, but to also withstand the changing outdoor elements throughout the years.


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