The weather has taken a turn for the warmer in the greater Michigan area. It’s official. Summer is here! The hot temperatures and humid conditions can lead to the need to use your residential air conditioner for the comfort of your family or in your commercial building for the comfort of your customers and employees.

The best way to ensure a successful cooling of the living and working space is with an ac unit you can trust. If you have not had your HVAC unit serviced lately, now is a good time to schedule the best in Downriver Michigan, Superior Comfort HVAC.

Your unit may need a charging and cleaning, or it may need to be replaced. In some cases it can be better to bring on a new modern ac unit with a warranty versus struggling to charge and maintain an old out of date air conditioning unit.

Your home or office may need simple duct cleaning to make the air flow better with less resistance from debris to maximize the cooling effect while minimizing the cost of running the unit.

If you think you may be in need of an HVAC system upgrade or simply want to have your unit serviced to make the most of it during the hot, humid Michigan summer, start today by scheduling an appointment with Superior Comfor HVAC by calling (734) 818 – 7141 or visit them on the web at:

Remember that Superior Comfort HVAC also offers heating services, 24/7 service, water heaters as well as annual inspections!

Get started today and stay cool!

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