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AC Repair in Downriver Michigan with Superior Comfort HVAC

AC repair in Downriver Michigan is easy when you work with Superior Comfort HVAC. There is still several weeks of summer and high temps left in the season. If you notice that your home or business is not as cool as it used to be with the ac working full time, you may need air conditioning repair.

There is also something to think about when you consider the size of your air conditioning unit compared to the size of the room, home or space you are trying to cool. Have you considered if you have the right size air conditioning unit for the square footage that you are cooling? If you have a mutli-level home or business you may need to have two HVAC units to effectively cool the area.

Air conditioning repair can be for a stand alone unit outside of the home or business. Air conditioning repair can also be for the window mounted or in wall mount type of air conditioning unit.

Basic air conditioning repair services can include:

  • Replace the air filters – if they don’t need replacing, a good cleaning
  • Clean and inspect the indoor and outdoor coils – this is a must for proper energy efficient cooling
  • Inspect the condensate pump – which is a key component of the HVAC system
  • Check the thermostat works properly inside the home or building because a faulty thermostat can make the unit run continuously
  • Clean the condensate pump of dirt and debris as well as anything around the outside of the system that could hamper proper air flow

When you notice that your air conditioning unit is not running well. That you are not getting the level of cooling in the space that you want, it’s time to contact a professional air conditioning service provider, like Superior Comfort HVAC in Downriver Michigan.

Who is Superior Comfort HVAC?

The business has been in the community for over a decade and are familiar with the weather of Downriver Michigan. All of the Superior Comfort HVAC team are licensed, bonded and professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians. The business is fully insured.  When you choose Superior Comfort HVAC you are choosing a service provider that has a 100% guarantee for service and warranty on parts used in repair.

If you happen to be working with your home insurance claim, there is an insurance specialist on the team who can help with the paperwork. If you need financing to help with the cost of parts and labor it’s available through Superior Comfort HVAC for your convenience. A 24/7 emergency repair service is available in case you have an emergency and find you are suddenly out of air conditioning on a hot summer day.

Getting started is easy! Simply call (734) 818-7141 or visit on the web: https://superiorcomforthvac.com/services/ac-services/

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