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Aeration Dethatching | Downriver Michigan with Cutting Edge Property Maintenance

When you think of a beautiful lawn what do you think of?

Is there a local business or home in your greater Downriver Michigan area that has a beautifully grown, manicured and lush green lawn? Do you wish you had a lawn like that? Chances are, that gorgeous landscape has been professionally seeded, cured and cared for by local experts, Cutting Edge Property Maintenance.

Lawn envy happens when you see that the neighbors or business next to you have a thick, lush green lawn and you don’t. Even when you spend time watering, seeding, trimming and caring for your own lawn, there are some tips that the pros use to have a gorgeous lawn that you may not know about.
It’s aeration dethatching and it creates a healthier lawn by digging deep into the packed soil, turning it and exposing more surface area to sun and nutrients. When you perform aeration dethatching on your home lawn or business landscape area, it allows better water saturation to roots and a more loamy feel of the soil for the grass to grow.

It’s a win win situation for grass to grow in full and healthy.

You can do your own with a home tool or renting equipment for aeration in the packed soil from your local hardware store. Train yourself how to use the equipment, perform the job, clean the equipment and then return it to the store. That is one way to do a DIY aeration dethatching on your lawn.

But what if there is more to making your landscape unique and one of a kind to add value to your home or commercial property? Like, the mulching, sodding, planting of colorful flowers and water conservative plants to look good while costing little? These are some of the services that are part of the value in working with professional landscapers like Cutting Edge.

When you think of getting started in designing your lawn and landscape, have a budget and idea of what you want to accomplish. Set a time frame for work to be completed and growth to happen. Plan ahead for family celebrations to enjoy the lawn or if you are launching something special at the commercial building and want it to look it’s best for customers.

For a truly magnificent lawn that is green, thick, healthy and inviting to all who see – go with the pros. In Downriver Michigan, the leading experts in property maintenance and lawn care are Cutting Edge.

15 years of experience building beautiful landscapes and lawns shows in their work. When you partner with Cutting Edge to create a beautiful lawn you are doubling your investment in your property and getting a guarantee on the work.

Aeration dethatching is part of the landscape and lawn building work that Cutting Edge does. They have the equipment and expertise on how to prepare the Michigan soil for the fastest growing and best looking lawns.

Getting started is easy – simply call (734) 787- 7157 or visit on the web to learn more. Then call and schedule and appointment to begin a summer of beautiful landscape and lawn for your home and business! https://micuttingedge.com/aeration-dethatching-downriver-michigan/

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