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Air Conditioning Repair in Southgate Michigan

Air conditioning repair in Southgate Michigan has never been easier and simple when you work with Superior Comfort HVAC. If you have had your air conditioning unit repaired or serviced lately and notice that it is still not working up to expectations, it’s possible that either something broke due to outside forces or someone did not do the repair correctly. That’s why when you work with Superior Comfort HVAC, you can trust the time and money invested into repair is honored for you in the form of warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee on work.

So have you noticed that your ac unit is running constantly but the house is not cool? Are you not sleeping well because it’s too warm yet your HVAC system is on all night long? Check out these possible causes of air conditioner malfunctions.

5 things are simple symptoms to an air conditioning repair problem that can be solved:

1. Filter – is it clogged or dirty? Any type of debris can cause it to reduce air flow and cause the results to be warm, not cool.
2. Compressor – this part of the system makes the refrigerant move through the system, if it overheats, the system won’t cool properly.
3. Thermostat- something as simple as a sun beam shining on the thermostat can cause a false reading and make the unit run.
4. Capacitor-this powers the motor inside the HVAC system and if it’s not tuned or maintained it can slow the entire air conditioner
5. Evaporator coils- these are the secret to why the HVAC system pulls heat from the environmental air and can cool it and force out the temperature regulating cool air that is expected of an air conditioning unit. If these need repair, the unit won’t work well.

When you experience any of these 5 pieces to the HVAC system not working correctly or efficiently, the overall temperature and comfortable cool of the home can be affected.

Your family will live better and business clients or customers will  shop better when cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Repairing and maintaining the HVAC system is a specialty of Superior Comfort.

Rather than solve the problem yourself, look to the licensed, bonded, insured professionals at Superior Comfort HVAC. Getting started is easy! To schedule a maintenance appointment call (734) 818-7141 or visit on the web:

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