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Has the winter caused a situation in your home roof? Spring weather is here and when would now be a good time to have  an inspection of the crown jewel of your home?

Sometimes the damage can’t be seen from the ground and to uncover the nuance of weather related damage or vermin breech of the roof integrity, it takes a licensed, bonded, insured roofing professional to be on the roof to discover the root cause.

There are several signs that you your self can see as a first glance that there may be damage starting. Things such as there is a patch of shingles missing. Your home interior is showing signs of mold on the walls, ceiling or in corners where condensation can gather. A sign of roof damage is also sagging in the joist area or eaves.

Any dark discoloration can be a sign that moisture has permeated the flashing of your roof.  If you see these signs, don’t despair. It’s easy to partner with the professionals at Allpoint Construction in Canton Michigan to start a plan for repair or replacement of your roof.

It’s easy to get started, with a phone call and scheduled appointment for inspection. It’s complimentary!
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15 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement in Canton, Michigan

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