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Allpoint Construction – & – Amazon Prime Day

Hey Michigan! It’s day of the annual Amazon Prime Day sale and when would now be a great time to get yourself a handy power tool to have around the house?

Why have a power tool at home?

Speed and efficiency of a quick repair around the house is the top reason why to have a power tool in home.  When you have a power tool for use instead of a hand turning screwdriver, you can quickly and easily drive a hard wood board screw into place. If you are putting something up on the wall and need to put a screw into one of the support beams, the power tool will do it quickly and safely for you.

Convenience is another reason why to have a power tool on hand at home. A little investment now can save you a lot of frustration later when you need to do a simple repair at home. There are some jobs that you can personally take care of and leave the bigger repair and building jobs to the professionals, like Allpoint Construction.

Finally, the last reason to have a power tool at home is you can do a DIY project with efficiency and accuracy. The joy of creating and working in your home is enhanced when you have a power tool to help put together book shelves, entertainment systems or fix a door hinge that is simply loose and need of tightening.

Right now, the Amazon Prime Day sales have a wide variety of power tool kits available at great prices. You can see those here: https://amzn.to/3P1FmNl

Finally, when you have a roof repair or need for new roof installation – think of Allpoint Construction.  They are licensed, bonded, insured roofing professionals who have been in Michigan roofing business for 20 years. You can trust your family home or commercial business roof to the team at Allpoint Construction. Insurance claim work is welcome and a dedicated insurance specialist is on staff.

If you have a roofing emergency, Allpoint Construction has 24/7 help available. When you think roofing, think Allpoint Construction!


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