When would now be a good time to plan for spring renovations and repairs to your home in Downriver Michigan? After this intense winter season, the roof of your home or commercial building may need repair and possibly replacement. If you are seeing signs in the home of water damage, now is the time to plan for fixing leaks and damage.

What to look for as possible roof damage that needs repair:
  • Ceiling and walls have water stains and marks
  • Damp and musty smell in the room or home
  • Buckling and bubbling in the paint and plaster

If you are noticing those signs now, you may want to contact the best roofers in Downriver Michigan, Allpoint Construction. One call can schedule an inspection on the roof. The outside roof and inside roof will be assessed for damage, leaks, missing shingles and gutters that are blocked or pulled away from the roof edge.  In Downriver Michigan, when it comes to roofing, Allpoint Construction is the best. As a company they are able to service more than just roofs.

Other services that are provided are:
  • Vents
  • Gutters
  • Insurance claim repair work
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Kitchen or bath remodeling

There is so much to Allpoint Construction, like having a dedicated insurance claim specialist on the team. 24/7 emergency roofing service available if your home has been damaged in a storm.

Even if you are curious about what a kitchen and bath remodel may cost, contact Allpoint Construction to get started. If you are looking to have routine annual maintenance performed, it can be scheduled weeks to months in advance to fit your schedule and budget.

If you are considering winterizing your home by upgrading your windows to double paned storm windows, you can trust the experts at Allpoint Construction to help save you money by improving your home capacity to retain heat or cooled air from the HVAC system.

To get started, simply call (734) 407-7110 or visit on the web at https://allpointconstructionmi.com/


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