If you are in the greater Downriver Michigan area, and have a stubborn clog in your plumbing and drain system, it could be time to call a professional plumber.
It’s harmful to put chemicals down the drain to try and solve the problem. If you want to try and DIY snaking your own drain, you could lose the snake and cause more damage in the plumbing.

How to get started in a plumbing emergency?

The easiest and best choice is to contact a licensed, bonded, insured plumbing professional. The benefit is having someone trained in home plumbing with professional equipment come to the house, look in the pipes with a camera snake and see exactly what the problem is so it can be resolved, once and for all!
Who do you call? This question is easy to answer once you have established a working relationship with a plumber in your area. Why wait until an emergency happens when you can start with an annual maintenance inspection of your home so you get to know the plumbers who service your area.

When is a good time to call a local plumber?

The best answer is, before you NEED one!

Now when you have an emergency plumbing situation the business has a record of your home plumbing system and you will recognize the professional plumber who shows up at your house in the middle of the night if the water heater leaks and stops working.


Plumbers Downriver! Fast, professional service wit ha 24/7 emergency on call technician too! So to make your life easier, and have a lead on your plumbing so you work with the best rooter available, trust the Plumbers Downriver team!

Get started now by calling (734) 548 – 9925 – you’ll be glad you did!




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