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Spring is here and now that the snow is melting and temperatures are heating up – it’s time to inspect your roof.
In the winter months when you can’t see the roof through the snow pack, hidden damage could be lurking.
Cold weather temps spur vermin animals to seek shelter and they can tear into a roof’s shingles, flashing and even burrow into attic crawl space.
When one shingle loosens it can set off a chain reaction of opportunity for moisture to seep into the roof.

How To Get Started With Roofing Inspection

In Brownstown Michigan, there is a trusted source for home and commercial building repair roofing contractors and that’s Downriver Roofers. They are licensed,
bonded, insured and veteran owned. They have been in the roofing business for over 20 years in Michigan and are very familiar with the type of weather and vermin
related damage that happens to Michigan roofs.

Downriver Roofers only works with the best in products to do roof repair, roof installation and roof maintenance. Their leak proof guarantee while working with GAF and CertainTEED gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly, the first time. All products have a warranty on the use and installation.

When you want to ensure that your summer months will be leak free in rain storms and energy efficient on hot days, contact Downriver Roofers for a free roof inspection. A certified roof technician will visit the house, do the ladder climbing so you don’t have to. The inspection includes assessing for any signs of damage such as loose or missing shingles. Loss of granules from weather. Vermin damage. The eaves and gutters will be checked for proper attachment and cleaning if needed.

When To Get Started With Roofing Inspection

Knowing when to get started is just as important was the how and the why. The Michigan weather is quickly changing from winter to spring. Now is the time to have the roof inspected for any possible leaks that may happen in summer rain storms. The snow has melted off the roof. This means that there is a clear workspace for any repair that may be needed and that nothing will be covered and go unnoticed due to snow.

Get started easily now by visiting them on the web https://downriverroofers.com/brownstown-michigan/ or calling (734) 548 – 9919 now and enjoy a leak free summer rain season now!




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