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Brush Hogging Services in Downriver Michigan | Cutting Edge

Brush hogging services in Downriver Michigan is easy when you work with Cutting Edge. Real estate land development is exciting and can be a simple phone call to Cutting Edge to have acreage in the greater Downriver Michigan area cleared for development.

So what’s Brush Hogging?

Simply put, “brush hogging” is the process of clearing the land of all shrubs, bushes, small trees and thick overgrown grass. The process of brush hogging involves heavy duty rotary blades that can cut through the dense ground covering grasses. The bush hog is another way of describing the process known as brush hogging.  Both methods work with professional grade blades and cutters to cut down small stumps, tree trunks and branches. The brush hog method can clear land to be flat, smooth and build ready.

If the land is being cleared for real estate development you will want to brush hog the area until it’s smooth and can easily be built upon.  In this case you may want to have a finishing mower pass back over the land to make it more attractive and smooth. Many people utilize the brush hog method for installing a large garden and want a clear plot of land to beginning creating rows for crops.

You can even use the method of brush hogging for clearing a hunting patch during the season for better use and access of the land.

The brush hog method clears the land and all of the cuttings can be used for recycling and compost to reuse the foliage. The method of brush hogging with heavy duty rotary blades is more fuel and time efficient than using a regular lawn mower. The greater Michigan landscape contains very thick grass and when over grown with weeds mixed into bushes and small trees you really need a heavy duty machine, like a bush hog to clear the land.

3 Main Reasons to Brush Hog Land You Have – and – How To Improve It

  • clearing out keeps unwanted heavy growth from absorbing water and nutrients from the plants you do want to feed
  • real estate land development is more attractive when the lines to draw lots can be seen clearly
  • regular bush hogging can keep a hay field clear for planting and cuttings create a natural compost for next season

Cutting Edge landscape can create an individual assessment plan of your raw land that needs clearing. You can design the area that is cleared and share your ideas for what the finished land clearing will look like to suit it’s purpose.  Getting started with Cutting Edge is easy, simple call (734) 787-7157 or you can visit them on the web https://micuttingedge.com/brush-hogging-services-downriver-michigan/

Brush hogging is an important part of preparing acreage to develop into your farm, homestead, hunting ground or real estate development plot. Get started now with Cutting Edge!

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