In Canton Michigan there is more to a roof than meets the eye and when you are considering buying a home or commercial building, it is in your best interest to know a few things about roofs going in to the deal.

What About The Weather?

The Michigan weather plays a large part in factoring in the type of roof that is best for the building structure. Then you can factor in the desired aesthetic of the roof and style of the home or building. You may want to add the solar panels to your home or commercial building to increase recycling of power source and better efficiency in the usage of power. The type of shingles on your roof can either add or detract from a photovoltaic package added to the structure.

What About Fire Code?

Your home and building fire code is an important consideration for the type of roof and roofing material that is used in the building structure. Are you familiar with the type of fire classification or fire retardant material that is used in your home roofing?  How about the amount of roofing shingle layers for building the Michigan home and commercial building for the weather intensity of the seasons?

These are great questions that will aid you in the roofing repair or installation you have coming up for your home or commercial building in the greater Canton Michigan area.

What Can You Do To Get Started with the Roof?

If you don’t know where to start and are concerned about being an expert in all matters roofing, a good place to start is with the licensed, bonded and insured experts that make up All Point Construction. They have been in the community and business of roofing specialists and contracting for over 20 years. There is an insurance specialist on staff to help with any insurance claim paperwork that you may have. If you have questions about the style and build of your roof, an architect is on the All Point Construction team and can help guide the style of the project.

It’s win win when you work with All Point Construction and it’s easy to get started with a complimentary inspection.  Call (734) 526 – 4955 to get started now. Or you can learn more by visiting them on the web here:




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