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Commercial Snow Plowing | Downriver Michigan

So far this has been a busy year for snow fall and the year has just started! When you think of how much more winter Michigan has in store, when would now be a good time to contact a professional snow removal company? Cutting Edge in Downriver is a commercial snow plowing company with the experience needed to quickly and safely remove fresh snow fall as well as packed, ice filled old snow.

When snow builds up on the sidewalk it creates a secondary hazard and that is the melting that happens into the sidewalk or pavement cracks. The melt refreezes and turns to ice and then is a hidden hazard.

The benefit of working with a commercial snow plowing company, a professional grade snow plow can remove snow down to the tiniest drifting particles.  Another benefit of working with a commercial snow plowing company is the injury you save yourself from, such as straining or sprains in the back, neck and shoulders.  It’s possible and easy for an accident to happen with rented equipment and cut off a finger leading to amputation.

In the worst case scenario of doing your own snow plowing is a heart attack from the strain of doing it yourself. There is no need to risk your life or your business when you can simply work with a commercial snow plowing business like Cutting Edge Landscape & Snow Removal company.

Located in Downriver Michigan and experienced in removing blizzard level snow drifts and packs, you can trust your home and business safety to Cutting Edge. Prompt emergency 24/7 service is available along with easy billing. Why wait? Start your working relationship with Cutting Edge today and get on the calendar schedule for a time when a snow storm alert is in progress. You won’t wait to have your plowing scheduled or removed!

Learn more on the Cutting Edge website here: https://micuttingedge.com/commercial-snow-plowing-downriver-michigan/  or call them to get a detailed estimate for your business or home, (734) 787- 7157.

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