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Control 4 – Home Automation Options

Control 4 – Home Automation Options

Remember those cartoons from way back in which they had automated homes? I’m not talking The Jetsons, but those ‘homes of tomorrow’ where everything was at a push of a button.

Well, Control4 is dedicated to providing you just that – the house of tomorrow. They offer specialized services in the home automation field. Simply put, you’ll get to download an app which controls basic functions in your home, from lights, to music, TV, climate control, security, even intercom features and hot tubs. While nothing they offer is new on the market, they do provide their services commercially and integrated into one big bundle which can turn your home into the house of tomorrow in no time.

Solutions for Home Automation

The best way to go about getting a general idea of their work and services is to visit their website. They have this awesome feature where you open up a page representing a certain area in your home, like a bedroom, kitchen, patio or even bathroom. From there, you can click certain points and learn about what can be automated and get more details on the service at hand. That’s a very nicely implemented feature which lets you directly interact with the idea of home automation. You can also watch videos which present the home automation features and even spec your home! Also on the website, you’ll have the possibility to get quotes for larger automation solutions, like for hotels and even yachts!

As mentioned above, all these features are available to the general product and the aim is to bring all your basic necessities into one, neatly packed software option that runs on just about any mobile device (tablets, smartphones). Their software option is available to Android and Apple users alike. So be sure to visit this great website, even if it’s just to marvel of what technology can do for your everyday life. I assure you, you’ll have the time of your life!

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