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When you think you may need a roofing contractor, where do you start looking? In the greater Dearborn Michigan area if you are looking for a roofing contractor start with these simple questions to narrow down the search.

Questions to Ask When Searching for Roofing Contractor

  • Ask for a referral from previous customer
  • Ask if the roofing contractor is licensed, bonded and insured
  • Ask if they offer financing and at what interest rate
  • Be sure to ask if there is a guarantee for the work done

These few questions are a great start when looking for a roofing contractor. Getting the references and referrals will help you decide on the business. Be sure and contact the referrals given because it gives you a peek into the experience of another customer. If the business does not have insurance for themselves, the workers, and property you could be left in a legal bind if any accident happened during the work. Peace of mind comes with a guarantee that what was promised in an estimate is actually delivered!

Remember to ask about post- job completion clean up so your roof gets repaired and any debris or old roofing material gets cleaned up and removed as part of your job quote.

Reasons You May Need a Roofing Contractor

  • Your ceilings inside the home are damp with water stain marks meaning a leak somewhere in the roof.
  • The flashing is exposed on the roof and patches of shingles are missing
  • Your home roof shingles are balding and missing the granules
  • You can hear vermin in the ceiling but can’t see how they accessed your house

When it comes to your roof, hiring a professional is the safest and smartest course of action so you ensure that the roof repair is done to building code. It’s dangerous to be climbing up and down a ladder with power tools. If you repair your own roof and don’t use professional grade materials it could possibly void your insurance policy in the event damage is done during a storm and the roof repair was not done correctly.

Why risk it when you can easily start now with the best roofing contractors in the Dearborn Michigan area – Allpoint Construction. A free written estimate is given with every job. You can schedule an appointment to get the repair started by calling (734) 407-7110. Or visit them on the web here:

Roofing contractors Dearborn MI

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