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Emergency Furnace Repair with Superior Comfort HVAC | Downriver Michigan

The Michigan winter weather is in full effect with snow, sleet, hail, rain, and heavy wind at times. Average temperatures this winter in Michigan will be in the low 30 degrees for several weeks. Now is the time that you need your furnace to work at it’s full capacity, 24/7. What would you do if it didn’t?

If all of a sudden the pilot light goes out and you can’t get it lit again? Or if the furnace exchange is on using electricity but not heating the air?  The sure test of an emergency furnace repair is if you smell gas, or a strong rotten egg scent from your furnace system.

That is when you need to shut off the furnace at the main valve and call an emergency repair immediately.

The next question:

What if it’s an emergency and you are panicked and start dialing for anyone who could fix HVAC and boiler or furnace systems? Do you have time to spare to check reviews, and BBB ratings or references of local heating and cooling companies? Probably not.

That’s why if you are having an emergency furnace repair situation to keep young and old family members warm in severe winter weather there is only one smart choice to make and that is calling Superior Comfort HVAC.

Having a working  relationship with a local and trusted business like Superior Comfort HVAC in Downriver Michigan pays off in the long run because your systems need a winter service and a warm weather summer service. One service call keeps the coils clean for heating in the winter and free of debris to keep cool in the summer.

Superior Comfort HVAC has been in the Downriver Michigan area serving customers with emergency furnace repair for over a decade. Downriver residents trust the licensed, bonded, insured experts in furnace repair at Superior Comfort HVAC.  It’s easy to get started with a phone call to (734) 818- 7141 or visit them on the web here:  https://superiorcomforthvac.com/

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