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Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Roof for Your Downriver Michigan Home

Install New Roof Downriver MI

Roofing is designed to last a long time. Even the materials that are considered low quality can last for more than a decade. When it comes time to replace the roof on your Downriver Michigan home there are some things that you’ll need to consider. It’s easy to think that you should just replace the roof with the same materials that are currently installed. Maybe they have provided excellent protection for your home for many years. But, with newer, more modern technologies that have recently been offered, it may be a good chance to look at some of those options for your home’s roof. We’ll offer some tips from expert roofing contractors in Downriver Michigan so that you’ll get the best roof for your home below.

Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Roof for Your Downriver Michigan Home

There are many options that are available to you as a homeowner when it comes to your roof. Getting a roof replacement on your home gives you options for how it’s installed as well as what will be installed. Two of the ways a new roof is installed is by placing the roofing materials over the old roofing materials or removing all the old roofing materials and then adding the new roofing materials. Both of these methods will leave you with a new roof but the difference in price and protection can be vastly different. Talk with your roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan about the method used to install the new roof and what options are available to you. Here are some things to keep in mind when you need a new roof on your Downriver Michigan home:

Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Roof for Your Downriver Michigan Home

Pick The Right Materials

When it comes to the roofing materials on your home there are many choices today that are available which may not have been available. One available material that many homeowners are going with is metal roofing. Metal roofing has come down in price recently and many homeowners are deciding to use it on their homes. The most used type of roofing in Michigan is asphalt roofing also known as roofing shingles. Both of these materials have a wide variety of designs and qualities you can use for your home. Metal roofing is typically more expensive. Keep in mind however that the quality will play a huge factor in prices.

Consider How Long the Roof Will Last

Most of the roofing materials that are installed today have a manufacturer warranty attached to it. For most materials the warranty will last from 10 to 50 years. There are some roofing materials that also have a lifetime warranty. In any case, it’s best to judge the quality of the materials by the length of the warranty. Longer warranties will cost more but the roof will last longer in most cases.

Appearance Means a Lot More Than Most Realize

Just getting the basic roof installed on your home may be less expensive but it may hurt the overall value of your home. The roofing on your home plays a huge role in the value of your home and it’s curb appeal. Having a better quality product on your roof can mean that the curb appeal is increased which can also mean the overall value of the home go up.

Consider the Energy Efficiency Impact it Has on your Home

Having your roof installed and it helps reduce the overall energy usage of your home. This means that by installing a roof that is more energy-efficient can mean energy savings for years or even decades to come. Typically the upgrades to make the roof more energy efficient are not that expensive but can make a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

Always Use a Certified and Licensed Roofing Contractor

Another important part that you’ll need to consider is the company that installs the roof. Having a licensed and qualified roofing contractor to install the new roof on your home is an absolute must. Roofing is not a do it yourself the type of project. Not only is it very dangerous but it can also mean that you void the warranty on your new roof. It’s always best to use a qualified roofer such as Downriver Roofers. Call them today at 734-548-9919 for a free estimate on your new roof.

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