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Farmington Hills MI – Roofing Solutions You Need Now

When would now be a good time to have a roof inspection? If you are in the Farmington Hills Michigan area, you know, that after a harsh Michigan winter there can be a residue of snow melt in your roof, gutters and drains.  Sometimes the moisture from the snow can permeate the flashing in the roof base and you can’t see it from the ground.

Prolonged snow melt exposure can loosen shingles and the run off into gutters creating dams can weaken the eaves and structure.

Many times the beginning of damage is hidden from the eye and needs a trained experienced professional to find the loose shingle, vermin entry points, and water seepage. This spring, why not schedule a complimentary inspection with your local military veteran owned business, 12 Oaks Roofing.  Discounts are available for veterans. 100% guarantee on work and satisfaction.

This spring, get started on your home remodel and repair projects with the licensed, bonded and insured team at 12 Oaks Roofing in Farmington Hills Michigan. A written estimate is provided with the inspection so you know what work is needed, how much it will cost and the time frame to complete the project.


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