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What to do when you see the water rising and rain continuing? You know that there is a strong possibility of flood water damage to your home. In Michigan, the rainy season can be intense and if you find your self in need of water damage restoration or water damage clean up, Downriver Restoration is here to help.

The Phases of Water Damage Repair

If the water damage is from Mother Nature and you find you and your loved ones in peril, the first rule, is get to safety. The property will need to dry out before you can begin the water removal process. If the flood water is a burst pipe, let the electrical be your first goal of safety and to have it turned off at the breaker so risk of electrocution is nullified.

Now that the water flow has stopped and you have begun the “drying out” process it’s time to move into the water damage clean up.

Mold Clean Up After Water Damage

After flood damage has the water receded and you have completed a drying out phase to allow for a safe place to work in. It’s time to focus on mold clean up. In Michigan, water damage repair needs to include mold clean up and preventative measures to ensure that the humidity in the atmosphere does not contribute to the water damage removal process. Disinfection is an important step in the process. This could mean a deep clean or possibly, removal and new installation of drywall in a home that has experienced severe flood damage.

Time to Call for Help

In the first 24 hours of a flood damage, you want to establish a safety protocol for your family, then the home. Beginning with turning off electricity, following up with covering important items in the home and securing valuables, then finish with a phone call to your local professionals at Downriver Restoration. The licensed, bonded, insured, trained restoration team will quickly help with a 24/7 flooding emergency in Downriver.

A free inspection is included with all service calls and a 100% money back guarantee is part of the satisfaction promise. If you are working with an insurance claim, there is a team member on staff who specializes in working with claims. It’s a win win situation when dealing with a food damage emergency to work with Downriver Restoration.

It’s easy to get started now by calling, (734) 619 – 7610 , and keep the number close by in case you are suddenly awakened in the nighttime with a burst pipe and need to call help fast! You can also learn more on the website by visiting here:  https://downriverrestoration.com/



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