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Furnace Repair & Installation | Grosse Ile Michigan | Superior Comfort HVAC

Furnace repair and possibly a new furnace installation just may be on your mind as you open your power bill and see a rise in cost. When your furnace is properly tuned it can run at an optimal level and perform better to keep a large house warm and comfortable. Your commercial HVAC furnace system can be regulated for maximum comfort in the day time during business hours and then run at a reduced rate overnight with just enough heat to keep things from freezing over.

How do you get the most out of your furnace?

You keep it tuned up and maintained with bi-annual maintenance appointments. One in the summer for your cooling and once in the winter for heating. There are many tell tale signs of a furnace in need of repair. To save you money, energy, and keep carbon monoxide poison levels in check – have a professional HVAC technician, tune your furnace.

  • 1.   Clean up dirty dusty duct work
  • 2.  Change all filters
  • 3.  If broken, fix and tune the ignition used for starting
  • 4.  Replace the blower bearings
  • 5.  Assess if the heat exchange needs repair or replacement
  • 6.  Blower belt inspection for fixing or possible replacement
  • 7.  Check the limit switch and determine if needs attention for repair or tuning
  • 8.  Thermostat maintenance to include tuning, setting, replacing if necessary
  • 9.  Check and maintain carbon monoxide tester
  • 10. Overall inspection of output of warmed/cooled air capacity for energy efficiency

If you think anything on this list fits your furnace, you may need repair and depending on the age of the furnace unit and level of repair, it just may be better to install a brand new one and have a new warranty if you have purchased an older home.

Its easy to get started now by calling the professionals at Superior Comfort HVAC in Grosse Ile Michigan. You’ll get superior service, at a comfortable price.

Visit https://superiorcomforthvac.com/furnace-repair-and-installation-grosse-ile-michigan/ or call to schedule an inspection at (734) 818-7141

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