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Grading and Leveling Your Yard | Cutting Edge Landscaping

When would now be a good time to start planning your summer outdoor gatherings? Is your lawn ready?

Did you know that a flat yard can actually be dangerous to your home and the foundation. Why? Because it can be a source of poor drainage. The excess water that is not absorbed by the lawn can run off and seep into the foundation is you have poor or slow lawn drainage. There is a simple solution to risky drainage around your home, and it’s grading and leveling.

How to know if your lawn needs grading?

  • If your home has a flat lawn that tends to create pools during and after rain then you could use grading and leveling to direct the water.
  • If the lawn currently slopes towards the house it can be a water spout of excess rain directly onto the home foundation
  • When storms happen and your basement floods, it is a sign that your lawn is sloping towards the house

Grading is a process of shifting the soil, sod to correct the slope of your yard. The goal is a slope of about 5% away from the home to properly drain water. Preventing erosion is a side benefit of having a professionally graded lawn.

LEVELING 101 – The partner to grading

  • Surface smoothing is when the graded lawn is smoothed into position for planting or mulching in preparation for a lawn
  • Excavation is part of the leveling to move the landscape into the planned shape and grade
  • Top soil installation is needed in the event you need to rid the lawn of small dips and valleys for an easy to mow landscape

This is something that you can do yourself with great effort and cost in time and money. Or, you can simply invest in a professional landscaper, like Cutting Edge in Michigan who will start your grading and leveling process with an estimate appointment to see what needs to be done. The next step is to design the look of the lawn you want and follow up with budget availability and expectations. Finally, set your calendar date for having the landscaping work completed outside while you enjoy the comfort of your home inside.

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