How do you know that you need to service your HVAC system? It’s important to not wait until you need the repair! An ounce of maintenance is the best prevention to the pound of cure needed when your hot summer day suddenly has the cooling system break down. Now is a good time to ask yourself, if you have a good working relationship with your local HVAC services contractor. If you are in the Gibraltar area of Michigan, you are in luck! The best in the HVAC business is Superior Comfort.

Where to start for home heating and cooling maintenance?

Start at the beginning. It’s important to inspect the condition of the filters of the HVAC unit. Check the duct work for any blockages or fallen supports that hinder air flow.  The ball bearings and fans could need replacement and you won’t know until the unit is opened up. Is this something that you feel you can do on your own? Or, would you feel more confident trusting  your family’s comfort to a licensed, bonded insured HVAC technician?

When you are in need of cooler air for your home, in a hurry, then don’t delay and call the heating and cooling specialists in Gibraltar, Superior Comfort.

It’s easy to miss the fact that your HVAC system is running more often than usual yet the air isn’t cooler. The first thing most people do is turn the thermostat down in hopes of making the air cooler.

What actually needs to happen, is a simple diagnostic test of the ducts, HVAC unit and thermostat to find the true cause of the problem.
Remember, when you fix your cooling in the summer you are prepping your winter heating for better performance.

Get started now, with a free written estimate and inspection by a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC professional from Superior Comfort. Heating and cooling is made comfortable  and easy when you get superior service at a comfortable price. Call the heating and cooling specialists today.

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