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Home Improvement in Downriver Michigan: Should You Repair or Replace?

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Home improvement projects can make your home more valuable in a variety of ways. From increasing the curb appeal of your home to making your home more energy efficient. Most home improvement projects for the exterior of the home impact both of these areas but sometimes deciding if you should undertake the home improvement project is confusing. Hiring a home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan can help you to better understand which areas of your home may need attention. Sometimes the simple repair can be done to rectify a situation and make it perform as it should. However, sometimes it’s best to opt for a full replacement of the component. We’ll take a closer look at some of the major home improvement projects that many homeowners consider.

Home Improvement in Downriver Michigan: Should You Repair or Replace?

Although there are many home improvement projects that can be done as a do it yourself project its usually a good idea to only use professional contractors for the home improvement project listed here.  The reason why they are so important to only use licensed professionals is that so much can be damaged if they are done wrong. If you have a roof installed incorrectly, it can damage almost everything in the home from a roof leak. Not only that but a bad home improvement project being done on your home doesn’t help your home and it can actually hurt the value of your home. So not only do you lose money on the project itself but you also bring the value of your home down. Here are some of the more common home improvement projects in Downriver Michigan:

Home Improvement in Downriver Michigan: Should You Repair or Replace?

Home Windows

One of the best home improvement projects to do for your home is to get replacement windows installed. If you have multiple windows in your home that are older than 10 years old replacement is likely your best option. With newer window technologies today you can get much better energy efficiency as well as an updated look for the windows. And since all windows sold today must have the energy efficiency rating promptly displayed it makes choosing a window for your home much easier. Replacement windows used today are typically much more energy efficient which can save money over the long term with energy efficiency.


While the windows in your home is important it’s certainly not as big of an impact as the siding on your home. The siding on your home is the one thing that is always noticed when someone looks at your home. Bad siding can dramatically decrease the curb appeal of your home and ultimately the value of your home. Alternatively, having new siding installed on your home can give it an updated look which can increase the curb appeal. One of the most popular types of siding today in Downriver Michigan is vinyl siding. Many times, if the siding on your home is not that old, a repair can work well. Keeping the siding clean can also give it an updated look. For older siding, it may be better to replace the siding as vinyl siding is one of the most economical siding choices on the market today.


The roof on your home is designed to last a long time. In fact, many of the roofing materials today are designed to last 25 or more years. For homes with roofs that are less than 15 years old it may be better to get a roof repair done. However, like many products, the longer the materials stay outside in the weather the more they fade, and ultimately fail. When your roof is older it is much more difficult to repair shingles because of this fading. A roof repair can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb on the home which can cause the curb appeal of the home to go down. Not only that but if the roof leak was caused by aging shingles it’s likely just the start of problems with the roof.

Get an Estimate First

Before you commit to any type of home improvement project it’s always best to discuss your options with a qualified home improvement contractor. All Point Construction is a fully licensed home improvement contractor located in Downriver Michigan and offers free estimates on any project you may have. Call them at 734-407-7110 to discuss your project.

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