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How Energy Efficient Is Your Downriver Michigan Home?

How Energy Efficient Is Your Downriver Michigan Home?

Homeowners may be surprised just how lacking their house really is when it comes to energy efficiency. Even with the top energy efficient appliances, you can still be paying much more than you should if the rest of your home is lacking. To better gauge how your home measures up and where it could use improvements, you have to consider certain features. Here are some projects for home improvement in Downriver Michigan that can help you save money on energy costs year round and make your home more energy efficient.

How Energy Efficient Is Your Downriver Michigan Home?

Having a home that is energy efficient can be great for the environment. But it can also be good for your pocketbook as well. Cutting down energy costs is a great way to make your home more valuable as well as save money on utility costs. Some of the biggest factors in terms of how much energy your home uses is addressed below and upgrading or improving these home components can likely have a huge impact on your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency in Downriver MI

Even if you only address one of home components below you’ll likely see an increase in your home’s energy efficiency.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with New Replacement Windows

Windows are a huge part of your home’s energy efficiency. Whether it is letting light in to cut down on your need for artificial light, or controlling the temperature in your home, the type of windows you have can play a major role in how much electricity and fuel you are going to use. Replacement windows that are energy efficient can help you save an average of 19 percent in the summer months and 25 percent in winter months on heating and cooling costs. By choosing windows with multiple panes of glass, gas fillers, low-e coatings and other features, you can also gain more energy efficiency. Look for the NFRC label to see how the windows you are looking at score in energy efficiency.

Making Your Doors More Energy Efficient

Doors also provide an opportunity for drafts to occur, just like windows. It is important to make sure you are using a door that is the right thickness and material to handle your climate, as well as providing the right amount of insulation. You can also add draft blockers to interior doors to better regulate the temperatures of each room.

Siding in Downriver Michigan

Is Your Roof Energy Efficient?

Your roof plays a major role in how efficient your home is because it provides a way for heat to both be absorbed and released. Hot air rises, meaning that the heat in your home is eventually going to find its way up into your attic. If there is not enough insulation, your roof can end up releasing all the heat you are paying for throughout the day. That means having to keep turning up your heat and using more fuel to maintain the temperature you desire. If you are aiming to keep your home cool, heat can absorb through your room, making it harder to regulate your home’s interior temperature. This means you need to keep your roof in good shape with no leaks, and make sure you have the right amount of insulation to create a solid barrier. It can also be highly beneficial to opt for reflective shingles or metal roofing so the heat is reflected, rather than absorbed.

Improved Ventilation on Your Home

Ventilation is needed throughout you home to help keep air flowing and avoid buildups of smoke, gas, or any other unwanted substance that can fill the air. But too much ventilation can make it difficult to maintain your home’s temperature. You should have a professional out to assess your ventilation throughout your home, especially in your attic, to see if ventilation needs to be added or removed.

The Siding on Your Home Can Be More Energy Efficient

Siding doesn’t just keep moisture out, but also helps to insulate your home as well. Siding needs to be free of cracks and holes, while also being secured properly to prevent any leaks. You can also opt for more energy efficient siding like insulated vinyl over the regular option.

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