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How To Increase Your Curb Appeal With Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan

Siding in Plymouth MI

Vinyl siding in Plymouth Michigan is a great option for any home because of its low cost, high durability, low maintenance and plenty of options to choose from. But it is also a great way to help increase your home’s curb appeal. To get the most out of your home’s vinyl siding, it is important to look into all your options, rather than just the color. Today, there are many different styles and designs you can choose from which can all give your home a more unique look. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most curb appeal from your siding project in Plymouth Michigan.

How To Increase Your Curb Appeal With Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan

Vinyl siding has been around for a few decades. Many home owners really started to choose vinyl siding in the 80s and late 70s when metal siding was making it’s exit. Today, more homes in the Plymouth Michigan area have some type of vinyl siding installed than other types of siding. Even homes with brick siding may also have vinyl siding installed on some areas such as eaves and gable-ends. Making sure you pick the right siding for your home means taking a few tips such as the ones that follow:

How To Increase Your Curb Appeal With Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan

Pattern And Print of the Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is an amazing material because of it’s high versatility. One of the reasons it is so versatile is because of how the color is baked into the material, rather than just being painted on or stained. This allows you to customize your vinyl to inject any color you want, as well as prints and patterns. For example, while it is vinyl material, you can get siding that looks just like brick, stone or wood.

If you want to accentuate the architectural style of your home, you can use this highly to your benefit. Tudor homes that feature a mix of brick and panel siding can all be done with vinyl, simply by printing some of your vinyl with a brick pattern. You can also help to get that classic Victorian aesthetic for your home by choosing complementary colors that draw the eye, without costing you an arm and a leg to cover everything and maintain it.

Installation Method of the Siding on your Home

There are three main installation methods that can be used for home siding. Vinyl is lightweight and can easily be cut, making it perfect for any of these styles.

Horizontal siding is the most common way to install siding because of how easy and effective it is. The material is cut into panels that are the length of the house, but is a much slimmer width. They are installed to either lay flat, or descending down to create a layered look.

Vertical siding, also referred to as board and batten is the opposite of horizontal siding in how the vinyl is cut. It is cut to match the height of the house, while being a thinner width to create strips. These strips are cut into two sizes: a wider size and a slimmer size. The wider sized panels are installed onto your home, while leaving a little space in between them. The slimmer size goes over the gap between the panels, creating more of a textured and 3D design.

Shake, or shingle siding involves cutting the vinyl into pieces that look similar to the shingles on a roof. They are placed on your home to create a similar pattern, adding lots of texture to your home’s siding.

Vinyl Siding Insulation and Backing Insulation

To increase your curb appeal, as well as your home’s efficiency, you can also choose to go with insulated vinyl siding. This is a much thicker and uniformed board and creates a more uniformed appearance to your home. When compared to the standard hollow vinyl siding, most people choose the insulated option as the more aesthetically pleasing choice and the one more homeowners prefer.

It’s always best to get the opinion of a qualified siding contractor before signing up for a new siding installation on your home. One of the best siding contractors in Plymouth Michigan is Home Pros Plymouth. Give them a call today at 734-548-9911 for a free quote on vinyl siding installation for your Plymouth Michigan home.

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