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Ice Control with Cutting Edge Landscape & Snow Removal | Downriver Michigan

When you live in Michigan, you know that there is a winter chore that all deal with and that’s snow removal and ice control. The state of Michigan is known for it’s automotive industry, agriculture and harsh winter weather. This fact of life in the greater Downriver area will have residents making choices for how to deal with snow removal and controlling ice build up before it gets dangerous.

4 Preventative Steps for Ice Control You Can Do Yourself

  • Shovel the snow using a sturdy metal shovel constantly to prevent build up that turns to ice
  • Use rock salt in a spreader on your sidewalks and driveway – be sure to avoid any grass edges or flower areas as the melted run off can be toxic to animals and anything that grows
  • Spray isopropyl alcohol, undiluted on the areas that ice control is needed – and again, be mindful that the melted run off is toxic to pets who may lick up the melted ice
  • Book your weekly professional ice removal appointment ahead of time for priority after blizzards and big storms

When the winter storms occur back to back and the diy ice control methods are no longer working, having a pre-scheduled ice control and snow removal appointment can save damage to your asphalt parking lots, concrete driveways and cobblestone styled paths at your residential or commercial buildings.

Why Work With Cutting Edge Landscape and Snow Removal?

Cutting Edge Landscape and Snow Removal is a locally owned and operated business, as well as licensed, bonded and insured. When you work with a professional ice control service you take the possibility for self injury during the snow removal out of the process. Professional service yields professional and longer lasting results than when you do ice control yourself. You can stay inside in the warmth of your home while the Cutting Edge team clears your driveway safely to prevent concrete cracks from snow melting, then refreezing.

There are many benefits to professional ice control such as efficiency, affordable, and preventative maintenance that protects your home driveways and commercial parking lots. When you are ready to get started with professional ice control and snow removal, start by calling Cutting Edge. A free estimate of the job cost and time to complete is part of the process when you work with owner Luke Tamsen.

For you and your family’s safety around icy spaces – or your customers safety on parking lots and sidewalks, contact Cutting Edge now. You can visit on the web here: https://micuttingedge.com/snow-and-ice-control-downriver-mi/  or call (734) 787-7157 to get started.

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