Insect House

If you want to do your part in protecting the environment, and also offer your kids with valuable insight into how our planet works and the wildlife needed to support it – the real circle of life – then you should definitely visit Insect House. The website offers valuable information on creating amazing habitats and homes for our little bug friends. With all sorts of elements contributing to their numbers dwindling, it becomes our duty to make sure that they can survive extreme weather in a comfortable place until it’s safe for them to reemerge.

How can Insect House Help?

First and foremost, they’ll provide you with the know-how through articles updated and posted on a regular basis. These articles will explain why it’s important to care for the small insects, and what you can do to help, starting with building an actual insect house. They’ll guide you through all the steps, while offering the info in an accessible manner even to children who want to get involved. It’s a really great place for the family to get together and do what they can to protect Earth’s biosphere.

So head on over to Insect House (lined above) to learn more. Bookmark the website and return often to check out new articles and useful info.

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