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Visit the Yelp page for one amazing interior design company named The Shade Store in Palo Alto, CA. If you’re ever in need of some shades for your windows, this is the go-to place. With a great selection, diverse and modern, The Shade Store stands as a testimony to bright, new ideas which can be put into practice at an affordable price. Choose from window blinds, shades and window coverings – all found here at an affordable price, with free shipping and constant discounts available.

The Shade Store

Each product on the interior design website has its own featured page which will let you know of additional details and info so that you can make an informed purchase. What’s more, there are high resolution pictures for each model available so you can get a good look at what you’re about to buy.

The Shade Store offers high-end service from knowledgeable staff such as: Maaike, Joel, and Anthony. They’re professionals and they act the part – taking the time to understand what you want, helping you find the right match and then delivering an awesome product that will completely change your home by giving it a new look. Check out their Yelp page (linked above) for more details and contact info!

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