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James Hardie Siding in Canton Michigan with Allpoint Construction

If you have been looking for a fast affordable solution for your home to have a quick fix to curb appeal and value, then look no further than adding James Hardie siding to your home.

You will add a 15 year warranty protection plan to the home exterior when adding James Hardie siding to the home as well as increasing energy efficiency.  Your overall home value will increase from the investment in the exterior with James Hardie siding. The choice is yours if you want to continue to paint the exterior of your home every other year or if you would rather invest one and clean the siding with a power wash versus continually buying paint and either doing it yourself or hiring a house painter to refurbish the outside.

One of the biggest benefits of having exterior vinyl siding like James Hardie is that it is very easy to  clean and have it look like new.  It keeps bug infestations out and helps preserve the home longer. There are just so many benefits to working with James Hardie siding on your home and working with a professional installer like Allpoint Construction.

You can schedule a discovery appointment to learn of all the benefits and color choices possible by calling (734) 407-7110 or visit Allpoint Construction on the web at



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