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Lawn Care Services | Downriver Michigan with Cutting Edge

Spring is around the corner and when would now be a good time to get your lawn looking it’s best? As the snow subsides and you begin to see the bare ground peeking through, it’s a good time to dream about how you would like your lawn to look in the summer.

There are a few steps to getting a lawn well seeded, mulched, and fertilized to allow time to grow and then be trimmed and shaped.

A great lawn starts with:

  • Aeration of the soil
  • Dethatch the lawn area
  • Mulch well
  • Water
  • Fertilize

Now that you have a plan for the lawn and can visualize how to trim and shape the grass to your liking, it’s time to think about what additions could enhance your enjoyment of the lawn and yard.

To maximize the size and beauty of the your yard, have you considered working with a professional to design the layout with shrubs that make the yard appear bigger? Would you like to see more types of birds visiting your yard?

To attract birds and wild life, consider strategic planting of flowers and plants that will create a hospitable habitat for them. When you work with a professional landscaper they can help you choose shrubs, plants and flowers that will attract the wildlife you want to see in your yard. It’s easy to add a pop of color with a hardy shrub for Michigan like purple leaf plum hedge and the red choke cherry bush that also provides an edible fruit.

In Downriver Michigan, when you work with the professional landscapers at Cutting Edge you are getting the best in service, design, maintenance and general landscaping.

Services available are: mulching, shrub trimming, sod installation, retaining walls and general lawn care.
Getting started with a free quote is easy by calling ( 734) 787-7157 or visit on the web:


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