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Mulch and Rock Services Downriver Michgian

Curb appeal is important for your home. Selling your home? You want an attractive lawn to match the home and have great curb appeal to sell high and fast. Living in the home? The home pride and joy of the family can be introduced when visitors are first greeted by a beautiful manicured lawn.

In Downriver Michigan you may want to increase your home curb appeal by doing preventative and early preparation for a gorgeous lawn. How do you do that?

Mulch and rock!

Why mulch?

  • Mulch will help to reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil. This will greatly reduce the need to water your plants and lawn by breaking up clay and allowing efficient water and air movement through the soil.
  • Mulch provides nutrients to sandy soil and improves its ability to hold water.
  • Mulch can help prevent weeds while protecting the temperature variance on the plants.

The next question is when to mulch? In the greater Michigan area, it’s best to apply mulch in late spring and early fall. If you already have old mulch from last season on the ground around your plants there is no need to remove it. The old will simply integrate with the new and provide a barrier of protection for the plant.

Why Rocks?

Combining rocks and mulch is a great two prong approach for your landscaping in your home front and back yards. If you have commercial building, using rock is perfect for the high traffic areas that customers cut corners on. Using rock is a nice way of saying “keep off the grass” and preserving the grass for nearer the building.

  • Rocks are the simple solution on your property that has drainage issues. When you find after storms there are multiple standing water pools forming on the grass or near sidewalks waiting to become a slip and fall hazard, use rock to help drain.
  • When you use rock it allows standing water to drain quickly for health and safety.
  • Rocks can be a budget friendly, no maintenance option for lawn areas if you need.

Rocks are a water saving, low fire hazard, weed free solution for an economy lawnscape. There are dozens of choices for the type and color of rock to use in your yard design.

So how do you get started with mulch and rock for your lawn? You can choose to do it yourself – or – leave it to the professionals at Cutting Edge!

Cutting Edge are locals in the Downriver Michigan area and are familiar with what works best for Michigan weather when it comes to lawns. A team of professionals can help you design the look of your landscape with your budget in mind. You can choose to have a one time service or set up monthly maintenance at an affordable price to keep your home and  commercial building looking beautiful.

Cutting Edge can provide a free written estimate of what a landscape of mulch and rock can do for you and the cost to expect for product and service. When you are ready to have the best looking lawn on the block, call Cutting Edge to get started! Call (734) 787-7157  or visit the web to learn more: https://micuttingedge.com/mulch-and-rock-installation-downriver-michigan/

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