Newcastle Carpet One

As I was trying to find a good supplier of flooring options, along with installation services, I was pointed to Newcastle Carpet One by a close friend who worked with them in the past. Knowing how great their floors looked, I contacted them right away.

While the timber, laminate and vinyl options they presented all looked amazing, and my friend used some of these for their home, I went for Carpet One. And it was the best decision I could’ve made – not only does it look amazing, but it adds a whole new level of comfort to my home. It’s easy to clean, fits in amazingly with a huge variety of decoration options, and makes the whole house feel and look more comfy, more welcoming.

As far as customer service and installation services – all was top notch. I didn’t experience any problems and I was pretty happy with the price too, considering the high quality product and services accompanying it. So if you’re looking for something similar for your home, Newcastle Carpet One is the place to go!

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