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Options When Getting Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

Options When Getting Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

A great way to add loads of curb appeal to your home is with an exterior home improvement project. Upgrading your roofing, siding, or home windows is a great way to add curb appeal as well as make your home more energy efficient. And while roofing and siding both have their advantages, the best exterior home improvement you can do is usually to get replacement windows installed. Replacement windows in Downriver Michigan is one of the best projects because you get so much added value and energy efficiency for years to come. There are lots of options when getting these windows installed which we’ll cover below.

Options When Getting Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

When getting new replacement windows for your home the initial thought is that you’re locked into whatever window you now have installed but that isn’t the case at all. Home windows now have loads of options that you can choose from which can make the choices numerous and sometimes difficult to decide. From the look of the window to the actual construction and materials used, the choices are huge. Not only that but there are lots of window manufacturers now as well each with their own designs and patterns. In any case, the choices you’ll need to make concerning the windows will be as follows for most homes:

Replacement Windows Downriver Mi

Grids Versus No Grids

When home windows were only a single pane they were usually made with small panes about 10 by 12 inches or so. When a pane broke you could simply get another pane cut that size by the local hardware and replace it. However, today, most windows are multiple panes thick and doesn’t have these separators. Instead to give the appearance of grids in the window they are placed between the glass panes. This helps with cleaning the window but today, grids are optional. If you prefer your windows not have grids it won’t have an impact on the energy efficiency of the window.

Number of Window Panes

Another decision that can affect how the window performs is the number of panes the home window has. Double pane windows are typically used today but you can also get triple pane windows as well. They are more expensive but they typically have better energy efficiency. Triple pane windows are also great at reducing noise pollution which can be very good if you live close to a freeway, train, or other noisy area.

Energy Efficiency Rating

One thing that you’ll certainly want to pay attention to when getting replacement windows is the energy efficiency rating of the windows. All windows and doors sold today must have the energy efficiency rating displayed on the window for consumers. You can easily check the different ratings to help you make a better decision. Typically, higher energy efficiency ratings are more expensive but tend to have much better warranties overall.

Frame Materials

Another key component of the home windows is the materials they are made of. One of the more popular choices for frames on windows today is vinyl windows. Vinyl replacement windows perform well and require very little maintenance. Plus, they are one of the more economical choices when it comes to replacement windows. Other frame choices include fiberglass, metal, and wood. Each of these materials will have their place, but for most home owners vinyl windows are the best choice.

Single or Double Hung

Most home windows today are made with two sashes. To open a single hung window you would slide the bottom sash upwards. On a double hung window you can slide the bottom sash up or the top sash down. The biggest difference in these windows is how they are cleaned. A second level window that can be cleaned completely from the inside should be a double hung window. A single hung window has the top sash fixed so it would need to be cleaned from the outside of the home. And if it’s on the second level of the home it can be quite a tedious process. Double hung windows are more expensive but are much easier to clean.

Get a Quote on Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

If you want to get more details on how replacement windows can make your home better be sure to call the experts at All Point Construction in Downriver Michigan. They are a fully licensed and insured contractor that offers free, no obligation consultations and quotes on new home windows. Call today at (734) 407-7110. You may also qualify for financing on your home improvement project as well.

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