Ottawa Junk Removal

If you live in the area and need some help removing debris or any other kinds of unwanted materials, you should consider contacting this Ottawa junk removal company. is a great service for those who need junk removed after renovations on a residential or commercial scale and their wide service range and diversity makes it easy for you to take care of unwanted debris at an accessible price and with as little hassle on your part as possible. With a long-standing positive reputation in the area, the local company is the go-to place for an eco-friendly junk removal service.


First and foremost, they have an amazing program which allows you to get a free, non-biding estimate for the service you’re about to order. Once you get the estimate, you can handle things your own way by ordering their container and filling it at your own pace, or have them do it within a short amount of time and then clean up the place as well! They’ll haul the junk away, and depending on the type said junk is, they’ll do their best to avoid having it end up in the city landfill. That means that their services are tailored with the planet’s well-being in mind, by actively contributing to recycling programs.

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