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Pay Your Landscaping & Snow Removal with Crypto

When would now be a good time to adopt a new practice of making payments for your everyday life using cryptocurrency? Cutting Edge Landscape and Snow Removal is on the cutting edge of finances as well as lawn care and snow challenges. As of January 2022, cryptocurrency is an accepted form of payment for services.

Why cryptocurrency and why now?

A decentralized status is a large part of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency attraction to people worldwide. Because it is not controlled or regulated by a central authority there is greater freedom to preserve wealth and make your finances more accessible and protected for your own personal interests.

  • Cryptocurrency transactions offer several benefits, such as low transaction fees and quicker processing when compared to transactions conducted with traditional cash and credit currencies.
  • If you are international and spend time between Canada or another nation, and have a summer home in Michigan – the cryptocurrency allows for lower fees and faster processing.
  • Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency transactions can be conducted by those who are unbanked. So if you do not use traditional expensive banking methods, you can schedule home and commercial landscape and snow removal services with Cutting Edge and pay for your account easily, using cryptocurrency.

Transactions are secure and you can trust that your services and payments are confidential. If you have questions on how to get started using your favorite cryptocurrency to cover your home and commercial snow removal this winter and landscape design this spring and summer maintenance, simply call Cutting Edge at (734) 787 – 7157 or visit them on the web to learn more: https://micuttingedge.com/

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