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Professional Concrete Services in Madison Heights, MI

Concrete is an essential material for both commercial and residential properties. The many types of concrete create the driveways, parking lots, patios, plazas, outdoor paths, and indoor floors that we rely on every day. Concrete can be beautiful, but it is also necessary for the functional completion of many property designs. 

Professional Concrete Services in Madison Heights, MI

Concrete is an essential material for both commercial and residential properties. The many types of concrete create the driveways, parking lots, patios, plazas, outdoor paths, and indoor floors that we rely on every day. Concrete can be beautiful, but it is also necessary for the functional completion of many property designs. 

This year, we are expanding our services to introduce professional concrete services to Madison Heights, Michigan. We service both homes and businesses, from vast parking lots to decorative garden paths.  Madison residents can rely on our expertise and efficiency with a concrete service that is close to home.

Join us as we highlight the many concrete services to choose from.

Commercial Parking Lot  Services in Madison Heights

Commercial parking lots rely on high-quality concrete pavement for its smooth drivability and aesthetic quality. Of course, old parking lots don’t last forever, and traffic patterns may have changed since your commercial property was originally built. Our expert team can provide parking lot installation is Madison Heights, MI, along with a range of aligned concrete parking lot services.

Parking Lot Replacement

Parking lot replacement in Madison Heights, MI, is called for when your old pavement has become badly pitted, cracked, or has started to crumble.  Concrete parking lot replacement begins with tearing out the old pavement and rebuilding the sub-layer below. Then, a fresh, beautiful new lot can be poured. This also gives you the opportunity to subtly change the design, improving the grade and flow of your parking lot so that the new pavement provides better quality, flow of traffic, and parking experience compared to the original lot.

You can call any time for a consultation of your old parking lot to begin planning for your Madison Heights, MI, parking lot replacement. Simply call 248-629-9260.

Parking Lot Installation

Parking Lot Installation in Madison Heights, MI, is for properties that are ready for a new parking area. You may be developing property that does not yet have a parking lot, or perhaps you are expanding your parking to new ground. Whatever the inspiration, expert parking lot installation begins with surveying and preparing the land. Your desired parking lot design will be flattened and graded before an elegant new pavement is poured.

Parking lot installation allows you to shape the land around your commercial property, providing superior parking design and a smooth flow of traffic. 

Parking Lot Repairs

The ability to repair concrete can help your commercial parking lots enjoy a longer overall lifespan. Sealing cracks and resurfacing places where older concrete has begun to crumble ensures that your parking lot provides the best possible parking and driving experience for years before you will need another parking lot replacement. In Madison Heights, MI, the harsh winters and melting springs are hard on pavement, so it’s good to have a concrete repair team on speed dial.

Parking Lot Striping

Once your concrete parking lot has been installed or replaced, striping in is the next logical step. Striping allows you to define individual parking spaces, direct the flow of traffic, and account for special features that most parking lots require. Professional parking lot striping can help to ensure you have the right number and design of handicap spaces, for example, and designated crosswalks to provide a safe, accommodating, and legally compliant parking lot design.

Madison Height Michigan Concrete Install

Concrete Driveway Services in Madison Heights

Driveways offer a combination of vehicle storage and access to the main road from your property. Every place where personal cars are parked requires driveway design.  We offer beautifully poured driveways for both residential and commercial properties in standard and custom designs.

Residential Driveways

Residential concrete driveways are an essential part of not only the functionality of your property, but also your curb appeal. A well-poured and attractive driveway can transform the look and feel of your front garden and the front of your house. Professional concrete services can ensure that your driveway is both a smooth and well-designed parking experience and an elegant part of your home’s appearance.

Many of the homes in Madison Heights, MI were built several decades ago, including the first pour of the driveway. If your driveway is old, cracked, or crumbling, a new driveway can provide a transformation. This is especially true of your old driveway has a “cliff” transition which bumps every time you roll on and off the main street.  A beautiful new driveway can ensure a smooth drive and comfortable parking.

New construction homes also require skillful residential driveway design. From long stately circle driveways to short trips up to the garage, the right concrete service will contribute to the long-term quality of each home.

Commercial Driveways

For commercial properties, the customer experience begins as soon as they turn off the main road. A smooth transition to your private property and a high-quality driveway design sets the stage for customer satisfaction. A good driveway also contributes to the every-day experience of the staff who work within your building, as they will become deeply familiar with every bump on the commute. 

Commercial driveway services often involve a high level of customization, ensuring the ideal flow of traffic from the main road into your parking lot or parking structure. Your concrete driveway may expand into private roadways or immediately transition to parking, depending on the design of your lot. Whether you are replacing an old and worn driveway or creating a new access point for your property, our expert concrete teams are proud to be of service.

Madison Height Michigan Concrete Installation

Decorative and Indoor Concrete Services in Madison Heights

We don’t just do concrete. We can also help you tailor the concrete to your desired style and purpose. The right concrete blend can define the texture and appearance of your parking lot, driveway, patios, and walking paths. These custom selections serve to increase the attractiveness and even the safety of your concrete installations.

Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate concrete is a concrete slab that is blended with larger stones instead of the typical smooth pavement formula. Customers can choose the particular blend of rocks and stone chips for aesthetic and functional value. You will often see aggregate concrete used for garden paths and public plazas. Not only are the stones in the concrete more decorative, they also provide superior traction. This can reduce the risk of slips and falls as shoes grip more effectively to the lightly variable surface.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete makes use of large, heavy stamps used as concrete cures. This can give concrete a new texture and appearance. There are two general styles for stamped concrete. The first is purely decorative. Patterns may include curls, vines, or geometric shapes that enhance the aesthetic quality of the concrete purely for decorative purposes. The second is material imitation. For example, you can have your concrete stamped to mimic smaller patio pavers and mosaic tile without the intensive installation or maintenance that these typically require.

You can also texture your concrete using stamps. Concrete stamping can provide an attractive way to increase the safety and traction of your concrete for patios and plazas. Many people choose stamped concrete as the precursor to concrete staining to provide both a unique texture and color palette to your new pavement features.

Concrete Floors and Patios

Smooth, aggregate, and stamped concrete are all popular choices for outdoor spaces where people gather. Both residential and commercial properties rely on these decoratively functional pavement designs for plazas, patios, sidewalks, and walking paths. Even indoor and indoor-outdoor spaces often feature concrete pavement, including pavilions, garage floors, industrial-style building lobbies, and loading docks.

Madison Heights Concrete Services Consultation

No matter what your project, the first step to new concrete installation is to book a consultation for your property. Your paving service will send an expert to survey the land and provide a detailed estimate regarding the work you would like completed. Whether you are looking for parking lot replacement in Madison Heights, MI, or have your sights set on a decorative driveway for your residential property, our team of paving professionals can bring your vision to life.

During your consultation, you can explore the many options, including the concrete formula, texture, and design that you desire. Commercial property managers can work with their concrete service to pre-design the ideal pavement layout and grade for a superior traffic and parking experience. Residential homeowners can ensure that the new pavement provides an elevated experience to boost curb appeal and increase safety at the same time.

Schedule Your Concrete Services with a Trusted Local Team

The Martino Home Improvements team is well known throughout the Madison Heights community. As we introduce concrete services, we are excited to help businesses and residents alike replace old and worn pavement or transform new properties with beautifully designed concrete pavements. From vast parking lots to private patios, you can rely on us to provide the same quality of expertise, transparency, and friendly service that you know and love. We will work together to create a beautiful and high-quality slab for any property. 

Call us at 248-629-9260 for all your concrete services consultation today.

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