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Roof Component Failures Which Require Roof Repair in Plymouth Michigan

Roof Component Failures Which Require Roof Repair in Plymouth Michigan

One of the most popular types of roofing today is asphalt shingle roofing. Shingles are just part of the roofing system however and there can be problems in many of the other components of the roofing system which can cause a roof leak. Here are some of the common roof component failures that mean you need roof repair in Plymouth Michigan on your home.

Roof Component Failures Which Require Roof Repair in Plymouth Michigan

One of the biggest problems for roofing in general is the weather. The weather is usually to blame for most of the problems that occur on the roof. From hail stones which can damage the roofing shingles in the summer to the roof ice dams that can form in the winter. When it comes to your roof there is always a threat from the weather. Newer roofing systems are better equipped to handle bad weather and older roofs are generally more susceptible. So if you have an older roof on your home the chance of it getting damaged by weather is much more significant. With that being, said, your roof can still be damaged by weather, and when Mother Nature decides to show her strength, it may be your roof that pays the price.

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Here are some of the problems that may occur when one of these storms occur and require you to get roof repairs on your home.

Broken or Missing Shingles

The biggest component on the roof is the shingles themselves. They make up the most surface area and therefore are more likely than any other roofing component to become damaged. Many times as long as the damage is not widespread and confined to a small area, shingles can be replaced rather inexpensively. In fact, a single shingle can be replaced making it one of the least expensive roofing types that can be repaired. Keep an eye out on your roof for broken or missing shingles can help to prevent damage to the home because it can actually get repaired before the roof actually leaks any water into the home.

Skylight Problems

One roofing component that can sometimes have problems is the seal around a skylight. Not only the seal where the frame of the skylight attaches to the roof but also the skylight itself can leak. For damage to the seal around the skylight, this can be a simple fix and can sometimes be repaired simply by adding sealant and removing any dried or cracked sealant. If the skylight itself is damaged however you may need to have the skylight itself replaced.

Chimney Problems

As the chimney on your home expands and contracts with heat, it can sometimes cause the seal around the chimney to crack and leak. This can sometimes be seen around the chimney itself and is typically an inexpensive roof repair to have done.

Roof Boots Failure

Usually on the backside of your home’s roof there are plumbing pipes that penetrate the roof. These pipes will have a rubber boot which seals the area around the pipe. This rubber boot can crack and cause a roof leak which allows water to enter into the home. The leak is usually located inside a wall where the pipes travel. You may see water damage on the walls of your home if a roof boot has failed.

Ventilation Failure

The roof on your home isn’t just the only area that can fail and cause roofing problems. One over looked component of the roof is the ventilation of the roof. Blocked vents can lead to all sorts of problems on the roof. These vent failures are usually caused by birds or rodents which build nests inside the vents. The vents can also be blocked by stacking boxes against the vents in the attic. Ensure that the vents in your home are clear to prevent a roof leak on your home.

Get Roof Repairs Quickly

If you think that you have a problem with your roof or any of the roofing components of your home it’s important to get them repaired quickly. Delaying roof repairs can lead to more damage in the home and may even cause mold to grow in the home. If you need roofing services in Plymouth Michigan be sure to call the experts at Home Pros Plymouth today at (734) 548-9911. They offer free quotes on roof repairs and roof replacements.

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