When would now be a good time to consider a roof inspection for a possible roof replacement?

There are several factors to look for that just may be the tell tale sign you need to put you into action tor replace the roof on your home or commercial building. Remember, in Michigan, the weather can change several times in a day. It’s a good idea to start now for a possible rainy day tomorrow and have your roof repair completed! Also, winter is coming!


The signs can be as simple as you in your home looking for:

  • Damp walls
  • Ceiling water stains
  • Musty odor in a room or area of the house
  • Dripping from the ceiling during a rain storm

Next Steps For Roof Replacement

Now it’s time to look outside the home and possibly go up on the roof.

  • Can you see missing granules on your roof shingles?
  • Are you missing shingles from the roof?
  • What is the condition of the gutters in relation to the roof eave placement?

Up On the Rooftop

When it is time to go up on the roof top, now, is the time to have a professional roofing contractor come to the home and be the one to use the ladder to go up. Your local licensed, bonded, insured roofing professional will know what to do and what to look for once on top of the roof.  A trained roofing contractor can quickly spot vermin damage and burrowing into the trellis area. If one shingle is loose, you can be sure that others are as well and the roofing contractor on the roof slant can assess if it’s a handful of shingles or a wide multi-square foot section.

Consider this, sometimes, patching a roof is being penny rich and pound foolish because the it prolongs the need to replace the roof. When you choose to work with a professional roofing contractor, like Allpoint Construction, you can have a professional assessment of how long your current roof will last. Ask when is the best time to do a full roof replacement? Can that roof replacement come under insurance claim or warranty? The staff at Allpoint Construction can partner with you to design the best plan of action for your home or commercial roof. That’s why now is a good time to begin a working relationship with your local roofing contractor.

Getting started is easy, call (734) 407 – 7110 or visit them on the web:  https://allpointconstructionmi.com/15-signs-need-roof-replacement-canton-michigan/

If you are working with an existing insurance claim due to weather or accident induced damage, there are team members on staff dedicated to insurance claim procedure and paperwork.  You can trust that when you work with Allpoint Construction, that they are working on your home, as if it were there own. Get started today!

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