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Roof Snow Help in Flat Rock with Downriver Roofers

Hey Flat Rock Michigan!
If the winter weather has snow build up on your roof – wait! Before you do it yourself and risk injury or death, why not call the roofing professionals at Downriver Roofers for professional help?

The licensed, bonded, insured professionals know their way around a ladder, in the snow and ice, while approaching, dismounting or working on the roof.

Ask about ice dam removal as well! You can trust that the materials used in any work contracted for your home or office building are the best like brands GAF and CertainTEED.   Downriver Roofers takes great pride in serving the community and building long term relationships with customers to care for their homes in all seasons of Michigan weather.

While you have Downriver Roofers on property for roof snow removal, you can also have an inspection for any weather related damage that could cause a bigger problem come spring!

You can easily call (734) 548-9919 to schedule snow removal or a roof inspection!
Or visit them on the web at:


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