Are your shingles shabby? Are you seeing a dip in the roof or a sag in your gutter area? Have the gutters pulled away from the edge of the roof eave? If you see these signs you just may be in need of a roofing contractor to inspect the roof and find the cause of the shabbiness.

Normal wear and tear of weather seasons, use, and age can cause a predictable amount of roof deterioration.

When there are severe storms with high winds or heavy snow loads and long periods of rain the roof can decline quicker.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms on your roof and you want to have peace of mind, knowing for sure what the situation is, rather than risk your own personal safety on the roof consider hiring a roofing contractor.

In Gibraltar Michigan, the neighborhood roofing company is Downriver Roofers.  When you work with the licensed, bonded and insured professionals at Downriver Roofers you get a written estimate of work to be done, time frame, cost of labor and materials which have a warranty as well as 100% satisfaction guarantee on the labor.

It’s a win win situation and when would now be a good time to call for an inspection appointment?

Call (734) 548 – 9919  or visit them on the web at:

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