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Roofing Contractors in Oakland County Michigan

When you are looking for a roofing contractor the process can be simple as you narrow down your focus. These are some simple questions to prompt you to creating a clear goal in what you want to achieve with the roofing contractor for your home or business roof. Before getting started on any construction building project for the roof or any part of the structure, ask these questions:

Goal: what is the end result and goal of this roofing construction project?  Are you wanting to sell the home and need to do some simple repairs to have market ready? Or, did you just move into a new home and want to start a remodel project?


Experience:  what level of experience do you have in remodeling or building a structure?  Take that answer, and then ask, “what level of experience am I able to budget and pay for when it comes to hiring on a construction company?  Taking the time when you are in the planning phase of a project can help focus the amount of resources are needed, and time for completion giving you an accurate expectation of the work.


Fairness in the budget and timeline:  What do you consider a fair amount of time and money to allocate to the project? How will the weather affect your project? Have you been fair in researching the overall project and what is reasonable in expectation for completion and cost? Are you budgeting fairly for the product used in the build?  You get what you pay for. When you hire on a company that has too low an estimate, it’s possible that there are corners being cut in the crew, such as too few people assigned to work on the job. Or money could be saved by using inferior product meaning you will have to have the work done, twice at twice the time and cost.

Planning and preparation before you start will add to the joy, peace and ease of the project.

Before you schedule any type of inspection, or build meeting, ask yourself these questions and get the answers you need to move forward. When you are ready to begin, start with the best in the area, start with a call to Oakland County Roofers at (248) 525 – 6950  or visit them on the web at:


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